Alba Curry Akihabara Branch

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Name Alba Curry Akihabara Branch
Category CURRY
Address 3-2-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open/Close 11:00~21:30
Access 297 meters from Suehirocho Station
Wi-Fi -

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Recommendations (Best 5)
①Curry with Pork Cutlet
②Home Run Curry
③Omelette Curry
④Hungarian Style Curry (with fried shrimp/fish/crab sauce croquette)
⑤Curry with Chicken Cutlet
Besides the above best 5, you can also order from 8 other curry dishes.

*Rice in different gram(g) is divided into small bowl, medium bowl, large bowl, super large bowl and super super large bowl.
*You can also ask for more curry, sweet curry, A set (xx curry + soft drink and potato salad or soup) or B set (xx curry + soft drink, potato salad and
soup) and other toppings or dishes on the side menu as you like.



I went to "Alba curry". This is my 2nd time.
There is a digital signage of Akitsu Mitsuba in front of the restaurant and you will see "AKIBA RECOMMEND" sticker under the Alba signboard, so plase check them out when you come by.
For my order, I didn't know what to get, but I ended up picked the same one as last time which is Alba curry's No. 1 item "Curry with Pork Cutlet". The cutlet was very crunchy outside, and the pickled daikon radish was very tasty.
Even if you are not a fan of spicy food, you can still enjoy this curry because the curry from Kanazawa is mild.
TIPS: For curry refill, the refill amout is a lot, so if you are coming 2 people, just one serving is enough.

Original Language:Chinese


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