Akihabara Voice Cafe Bar

Shop Data

Name Akihabara Voice Cafe Bar
Address M2F Aoi Bldg., 2-11 Kanda-sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open/Close 18:00-24:00(closed irregularly)
Wi-Fi o

Shop Information

We are a cafe and bar where “eggs” who want to become professional voice actors/actresses work!
You can chat with the cast members at the counter, and talk about anime, manga, voice actors/actresses and other hobbies over drinks!
We also have live performances every day on our in-store stage!
Come on out and support these cast members who are gaining experience every day to reach their dreams!!

【Charging System】
Time Charge + Food and Beverage

First hour: 1,000 yen
Extension 30 minutes: 500 yen

Soft drink: 500 yen
Alcoholic drink: 700 yen and up
Cast color cocktails: 1,000 yen
Photo shoot: 500 yen and up