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Name @home café Main Shop
Category MAID
Address 7F Mitsuwa Bldg., 1-11-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open/Close Mon.-Fri.
weekends & holidays
Access 283 meters from Akihabara Station
Wi-Fi o

Shop Information

【Price】before tax
Food and drink + Admission fee(length of stay is 1 hour)

 ・Food:850 yen~
 ・Photo with a maid:600yen・800yen

◆Combo menu
 ・Drink combo 1250yen(Soft drink+Photo with a maid or Game)
 ・Food combo 1950yen(Soft drink+Food+Photo with a maid or Game)
 ・Dessert combo 1650yen(Soft drink+Dessert+Photo with a maid or Game)
 ・Souvenir combo 1750yen(Soft drink+Souvenir+Photo with a maid or Game)
 ・Everything 2650yen(Soft drink+Food+Dessert+Photo with a maid or Game)
 ・Premium 3150yen(Soft drink+Food+Dessert+Souvenir+Photo with a maid or Game)



My heart was pounding because the entrance of the cafe looks like an amusement park. I found out that this cafe is quite famous chain store in maid cafe!
When I took the elevator, 3rd and 5th floor were not open. Maybe whole floor opens weekend?
Also, 7th floor was a cosplay cafe (not maid cafe) as a special event, but I couldn't go in because it was an entry for members only..
So, I went 6th floor! It is pupular enough to wait 20 minuetes even it was weekdays.
I thought there will be only male customers, but I was surprised that there are many female customers as well. LOL
Many foreign tourists were there and some of maid speak English.
I am not big fan of sweets, but I orderd parfait because this atomosphere made me feel want it!
Before start eating, as you all know "Oishikuna~re~ Moe Moe Kyun!". It was embarassing...
I truely believe that it is the experience you can do only in Akihabara. Please experience this unique cafe!

Original Language:Korean


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