Nagomi Style.Cafe AKIBA

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Name Nagomi Style.Cafe AKIBA
Category OTHERS
Address B1F Sakaisuehiro Bldg., 6-14-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open/Close open around the clock
Access 7-min walk from Electric Town Exit, Akihabara Station
Wi-Fi o

Shop Information

Nagomi Style.Cafe is an internet café with the interior of a Kyoto Inn located in Akihabara.
Why not have a decent time in this space of serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of a city?
We open 24/7.

We also welcome visitors who use our shower or baggage drop-off service only.

Further, there’s a shop called Iwashita’s New Ginger Museum in Akihabara open in our cafe. You can buy foods made of Iwashita’s new ginger and other goods at any time you like in a day. Please stop by and have a look.

[Our Service]
・shower room
・baggage drop-off
・free rental of battery charger
・comics, magazines (Approx. 25,000)
・PC・online game
・sale of online game items
・Flat Animation (unlimited anime watching)



Kyoto style Internet/comic café that has a concept of healing, relaxing, and comforting.
There is an English menu for foreign visitors.
Their food looks very tasty and there are snacks at the entrance.
Room is private room, very confortable, and I think it is best for people who is traveling to refresh!
I coudn't resist reading the comics because the selection of their comics desplayed on the shelf were very interesitng><
There are News papers, fashon magazines, and photo books besides large number of comics. Oh wait, there is BL manga as well??!

Original Language:Chinese


Visual band's fan girl & Otaku