Introduction of Akihabara Area Tourism Organization’s Activities

To the Next Stage, the city “Akihabara”, Its Culture together with All of You

Akihabara Chiyoda-ku was chosen as a supporting region of the “Project for Creating Attractiveness of Tourist Destinations by Utilizing Regional Resource” by Japan Tourism Agency in July, 2016. Upon undertaking the project, Akihabara Area Tourism Organization consisting of authorities, tourist involved parties, local organizations, companies and residents is now driving the business to improve the contentment of visitors from both domestic and abroad.


With the goal of “Tourist Destination Management”, “Vitalization of Akihabara” and “Satisfaction Improvement”, we will create a business system that fosters “regional earning power”. And we will also plan and implement the business scheme that could help our company members attract more guests and make improvements in sales through the cooperative activities beyond each business category centering on the companies or creation of new business by collaborating with different industries.


The organization will play a central role in organizing Akihabara into one based on tourism business and will make suggestions to Japan Tourism Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Government or Chiyoda City Hall on Akihabara’s overall policy, easing of regulations to Chuo Ave., its maintenance and regional business, or other issues that haven’t been realized by individuals or a single organization in the past. Akihabara Area Tourism Organization will represent all of its members to communicate their agreement on tourism management with the public.

Our Business

Media Business to Fully Convey the Attractiveness of Akihabara




We are operating an Akihabara tourist information website which is called as “AKIHABARA JAPAN”.
Besides Japanese, the website also has English, Chinese and Korean version. The website is designed to advertise the attractiveness of Akihabara, with shop and event information posted on it.

– Digital Signage (advertising media)

We have set up and operated an outdoor signage on the first floor of Don Quijote where almost 300,000 people pass through monthly since Sep. 2017. We use the medium to deliver the street information to people visiting Akihabara.

– Kokosil Akihabara (tourist application)

We are operating the Akihabara page of a tourist information application which is called as “Kokosil”.
The useful trip application, together with the abovementioned website are used for delivering messages and launching digital stamp rally games during the event period.

Tourism Business to Make Visitors Have More Fun in Akihabara


Certified Foreigner Tourist Information Center by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) / Designated Broad Area Information Center by Tokyo Metropolis
The center is a tourist information facility located at the place, 1-min walk from (Central Gate or Showa-dori Cate), JR Akihabara Sta.
We are providing useful information and services to people visiting Akihabara.


In THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER, 1F chomp chomp Akihabara, 1-13 Kanda-sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku


JR: Akihabara Sta., 1-min walk (from Central Gate or Showa-dori Gate)
Tokyo Subway Hibiya Line: Akihabara Sta., 1-min walk (from Exit 3)
Tsukuba Express: Akihabara Sta., 1-min walk (from Exit A1)

Business Hour

12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


on Year-end and New Year holidays, and when it’s reserved for other events, etc.


Tourist Information Center, TRAVEL CUBE AKIHABARA
Tel: 813-6262-9432

Souvenir Business to Create New Souvenirs for Akihabara


– Development of Souvenirs

Under the supervision of Akihabara Area Tourism Organization, we will develop souvenirs such as new specialty for Akihabara.
Besides the “WANT” based consumption, we also consider to cooperate with other companies to commodify the “NEED” based consumption and etc.

■Development of Akihabara Cashew Nuts / AKIBA Brownie
■Sale of T-shirts on Automatic Vending Machine – “JIHAN T”
■Opening Goods Shops in THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER

Character Business to Excite Akihabara


– Mitsuba Akitsu (Akihabara Omotenashi Character)

Akihabara Omotenashi Character “Mitsuba Akitsu” created by Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association (ATPA) was renewed in 2016.
With the new visual setup, the new born Mitsuba Akitsu will be carefully raised on behalf of Akihabara through a variety of activities.

Please click here for Mitsuba Akitsu’s profile and activities.

Event Business for Creating New Festival in Akihabara


– AkiFes (Akihabara Festival)

Akifes used to be a regional event held by Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association. And now we are dedicated to changing it into an event that can enliven the whole city by cooperating with more shops and businesses in Akihabara.
We are planning and running cooperating campaigns and also collaborative events with anime and game contents, such as Akihabara Hijack etc. so as to excite both visitors and businesses in Akihabara.

Play a Role in Creating a Reassuring and Safe Community: 3S (Safety, Security, Support) Business

– Regional Security Activities

  • ・Consultation on anti-crime measures for all shops in Akihabara(including giving suggestions on early detection of suspicious people in the shop and supporting tools for shoplifting prevention)
  • ・Patrol reinforcement
  • ・Setting up security cameras in the street so as to protect the security of people around

– Tourist Support

  • ・Tourist support: Directions by staff, introduction of the way to use public transportation system, interpretation service for foreign tourists
  • ・Emergency support: Escape route during disasters, introduction of medical institutions in emergency and etc.

– Beautification Activities

  • Cleaning activities including picking up trash off the street
  • Activities of creating beautiful community, “the place where people want to visit again”

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